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Sri Ranga hospital was founded on the grounds to provide a healing space for everyone who needs help in getting back to life. Our staff is focused only towards offering a safe, trustable, efficient, reliable, medically advanced and patient-centred environment.

We ensure each of our patients is provided with proper safety, quality, compassion, empathy and affordability. The team of doctors and nurses have years of experience and skills to perform with love and passion. We believe in growing while making our roots stronger. Hence, all the members at Sri Ranga hospital are trained to keep themselves technologically aware and open towards implementation of better ways to treat patients in each of their technical fields. We believe minimalism is important when it comes to keeping life simple. This theory is also evident in our treatments, as we prefer not to complicate our patient’s lives, providing effective but simple cures.



General medicine is the base through which everything is linked. We provide the best medical advice and treatment.


Child care requires intensive care. At Sri Ranga hospital we are fully trained and equipped to provide the right care for your child.


Sri Ranga hospital has an advanced team of doctors and dieticians who help patients understand how to deal with Diabetes.


Our hospital provides facilities for by-pass surgery (cardiac), non-invasive cardiology, invasive surgery (minimally) and interventional cardiology.

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